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  Registration Information  

How to Register

AVSC allows you to register online, by mail or in person. To choose a program, browse our programs by discipline by selecting About Base Camp (for all our weekend recreational programs and after-school introductory Nordic programs), About Alpine, About Nordic, About Freestyle or About Snowboard on the menu to your left. You can also use our program selection tool in our online registration by clicking the Register Online Today button below. If you're applying for a scholarship don't sign up online - scroll down to download our registration and scholarship application below.

Price Change Dates

  • August 31, 2012 - for Team AVSC programs

  • September 28, 2012 - for Alpine J5 Comp and all Devo Programs except Nordic

  • November 9, 2012 - for Nordic Devo and all Base Camp except Aspenauts and Nordic Base Camp

  • November 30, 2012 - for Aspenauts and Nordic Base Camp

Please note that prices go up after these dates so register early!

Applying for a Scholarship?

If you are applying for a scholarship don't sign up online - download the registration and scholarship PDF form here! Please fill out the form and submit it to AVSC via mail or in person.

If you wish to register by mail or in person, please use one of the addresses below.

Devo and Team Parents:
Download the registration trifold and sign the liability release section.

Base Camp Parents (all weekend-only recreational programs):
Download the registration form and sign the liability release section. Scholarship info is not included in this form.

If you're signing up a SnoWarrior and want to use our free, chaperoned bus service on Saturdays, complete the physical form and bus registration. Don't forget to enclose your check payable to AVSC - AVSC also accepts Visa and MasterCard. You can fax the forms to AVSC at (970) 925-5290 with your completed credit card information including 3-digit CVV security code.

Mailing and Physical Address:
300 AVSC Drive
(Behind Aspen High School off Moore Drive)
Aspen, CO 81611

If you mail in your registration, please sign the liability release. Your child cannot be enrolled in an AVSC program without this signed release. As soon as AVSC receives your payment and completed registration form we will send you a voucher for your Aspen Skiing Company Season Pass. Anyone who registers online can print our their email confirmation as the AVSC voucher and bring it directly to any Aspen Skiing Company ticket office to purchase the participant's Season Pass. Please scroll down for information on passes.

Membership and Eligibility

All families with children registered in an AVSC program will be AVSC members. There is no local residency requirement to participate.


Please make all checks payable to AVSC. AVSC also accepts Visa and MasterCard. AVSC will assess a $30 fee for any returned checks or credit card payments which are refused. Full payment of program fees is preferred. However, payment plans are available for Devo and Team AVSC participants. If you wish to set up a payment plan, please contact Beth Hansen at the AVSC administrative offices for more information at (970) 205-5101. Please also read the fee payment section below for more details.

Aspen Skiing Company Ski Pass - Sign up with AVSC First!

Anyone signing up for an AVSC program must register with the Club before getting a pass. Once registration is complete the Club will issue a printed voucher to purchase an Aspen Skiing Company ski pass for a discount. Bring the voucher along with your children to any open Aspen Skiing Company ticket office starting in August to make the purchase. Did you sign up your children online? If so, your AVSC email confirmation will serve as your voucher.

IMPORTANT: Passes must be purchased at an Aspen Skiing Company ticket office by November 9 to receive the price of $174. Passes purchased after November 9 will cost $279.

Scholarship Information

AVSC believes that interested children should have the opportunity to experience winter sports regardless of financial situation. To apply for a need-based scholarship, please download the following PDF file fill out the scholarship application in the document by clicking here or at the AVSC Clubhouse. For scholarship information for Base Camp programs call Trish Shepard at 205-5160. For scholarship information for all other AVSC programs, call Beth Hansen at 205-5101.

Scholarship Deadlines:

  • August 31, 2012 - For Team AVSC

  • September 28, 2012 - For all Devo programs and Alpine J5 Comp

  • October 26, 2012 - For all applicable Base Camp programs

Down-Valley Registration Meetings

For our down-valley families, three evenings have been scheduled for answering questions and assisting with registration. Bi-lingual volunteers will be on hand to help. Scholarship information and applications will be available and individuals representing our programs will be present to answer questions. Aspen Skiing Company will also be present to issue passes for participants. For more information, call Trish Shepard at 205-5160.

Downvalley Registration Nights (TBD in October)

Special Needs Children
While AVSC welcomes special needs children. Families must contact Challenge Aspen at (970) 923-0578 or www.challengeaspen.org and arrange for assistance prior to signing up with AVSC. Parents must discuss their children's needs with Base Camp Program Director Trish Shepard (970) 205-5160 prior to enrolling.

Fee Payment - Please Read!

Unfortunately, due to past payment issues, we have to become stricter about penalties for late payment  including the threat of having to prevent your childs participation. This is the last thing we want to do! But we cannot afford to have folks take advantage of our willingness extend credit. Outstanding balances from prior seasons must be paid in full before the athlete in question or his or her siblings will be allowed to enroll for the 2012-2013 season.

Payment Plans
If you are not paying the program balance in full at the time of registration, a payment plan with postdated checks OR a credit/debit card MUST be set-up before the first day of training in order for your child to participate. A $25 processing fee will be applied to all payment plans of up to $1,000; a $50 processing fee will be applied to all plans of $1,000 or more.

Athlete Travel Accounts
If your child plans on traveling with AVSC, they MUST have a signed athlete account with a credit/debit card on file. We cannot allow any exceptions to this. You will have 30 days to pay travel charges. If we do not receive payment within 30 days, the card will automatically be charged.

Declined Charges
If a credit card charge is declined on a payment plan installment or an athlete travel account, a $25 fee will be added to the amount due and your childs participation will be suspended until payment is made.

Mid-Season Enrollment for Team Programs
Athletes will be allowed to enroll in Team programs after the program start date with the permission of the Program Director. Program Fees will be discounted based on when you enrolled:

  • Prior to January 1 - Full Price

  • Between January 1 and Feb 1 - 25% discount

  • After Feb 1 - 50% discount

Refund Policy
Refunds are allowed before the program start date. A withdrawal fee will be charged. Once a program begins, refunds are only available for documented medical reasons or family re-location. Refunds are determined by the schedule below. Any season pass discounted through enrollment in AVSC will be voided upon withdrawal.

Base Camp Programs:

  • Prior to program starting date - 100% (less $50 withdrawal fee)

  • Between January 1 and Feb 1 - 25%

  • After Feb 1 - No refund

Team Programs:

  • Prior to program starting date - 100% (less $100 withdrawal fee)

  • Prior to January 1 - 50%

  • Between January 1 and Feb 1 - 25%

  • After Feb 1 - No Refund


The Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club reserves the right to expel children from our programs who cause disruptions and create an atmosphere that is not conducive to learning and team-building. There will be no refund in such instances and any season pass discounted through enrollment in AVSC will be voided.

Parent Work Deposit

Parent Work Deposits are part of all Devo and Team program prices and must be paid up front. Parents who volunteer with AVSC can recoup these deposits at a rate of $15/hour. All hours must be tracked by the parent volunteer and turned in to Beth Hansen by April 30, 2013. Tracking forms are available at the Clubhouse. Reimbursement checks are cut in June. If possible, we encourage families to volunteer but donate work deposits back to AVSC. Download the parent work deposit form as a PDF file by clicking here.

Base Camp Equipment Programs

Local businesses including Gorsuch Sports (925-3203), Aspen Sports (925-6331), and Gene Taylor Sports (923-4336) all offer equipment programs beginning in early November on a first-come, first- serve basis. Prices vary with age and type of equipment. These programs are very popular and tend to sell out quickly. Call any of these shops for more specific information. Many other local shops also work with AVSC participants, so be sure to ask regarding their policies. To download a complete list of equipment options (PDF) from 2010/2011 click here! An updated list of equipment options for the 2011/2012 season will be coming this fall.

Gorsuch Sports and D&E/Four Mountain Sports are generously offering to subsidize equipment for some scholarship recipients. Please contact Trish Shepard at 205-5160 if you think you may qualify.

Free Bus Transportation

Any child who is registered for SnoWarriors is eligible for free bus transportation from down-valley to Snowmass or Buttermilk. Buses run every day of the SnoWarrior program and pick-up at the Career Center in Glenwood Springs, the Crystal River Elementary School (Carbondale), El Jebowl, and the Basalt Middle School. To sign up for bus service download the form as a PDF file here or call Trish Shepard at 205-5160. Participants must register for bus service before December 3. A chaperone will be assigned to your child for the season and will contact you with details before the program starts.

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